Local Talent: Theresa Ortiz


Let’s get this out there right away: We love this chick, this Theresa Ortiz who graces this week’s Page Three. We love her New Jersey accent and that little Rosie Perez thing she’s got going on; we love her lean, feline build and her eyes, the color of black olives; we love that she’s relocated to Winston-Salem from the Garden State, and we love that she loves it here. “I went back to Jersey three weeks ago,” she says, “and I was like, ‘I can’t live here.’ I’ve been here three months and I don’t ever want to leave.” She’s been modeling and acting for two years, and she believes her future looks brighter here than it ever did up in the shadow cast by New York City. And her future, she says, includes not just time in front of the camera, but possibly back in school studying anything but marketing. Until then there’s clubs and dance music, and that face for the ages.