Local Talent: Tiffany Montañez

by YES! Weekly staff

Wehave never seen a CD release party like the one thrown by JeremyJohnson at Greene Street Club last week, involving a stand-up comic, afull horn section and squads of dancers deployed in front of the stage(see story, page 35). Among the nubile young movers was this week’sPage Three model, Tiffany Montañez, whose nickname is “The Sensation.”Guess why. Tiffany, who hails from Fayetteville, earned a degree indance from UNCG in 2007 and has a troupe called Shackle Free thatcaught Johnson’s eye when he was casting for his crew. Rehearsals takeup much of her time — art is about discipline, of course — but she alsoworks at United Health Care to pay the bills. Still, she sees herselfprimarily as an artist. “Art is like anything else,” she says. “It’swhat you make of it.”