Local Talent: Tracey Marshall


Chances are, if you’re an art aficionado, you already know this week’s Page Three model, Tracey Marshall as a painter and founder of the Marshall Gallery, which morphed into a co-op in the Village at North Elm in January 2006. But you also might know her if you like to drink beer and ride Harleys – Marshall spent the bulk of the ’90s as general manager at Plum Krazy’s in Greensboro. “I worked there for three different owners,” she says. “Frank [Fiore, current owner] was the last one I worked for. And the customers there were really helpful when ZI opened my gallery.” We caught up with her during a sort of homecoming at Plum Krazy’s Too, which opened in Kernersville a couple months ago. “I’m newly married with two stepchildren, so I never go out,” she says, but when an old friend told her about Frank’s new joint, “I had to check out the new club.”