Local Talent: Valorie Farah


Say hello to Valorie Farah, this week’s Page Three model and also proprietor of YES! Weekly’s newest feature, Val’s Pics (see our print edition), a pastiche of photographs of club patrons, live music fans and good old-fashioned bar drunks which debuted last week to much fanfare and ado. Valorie, who is relatively new to photography, hails from Lake Wells, Fla. “It’s near Orlando?” she says in that curious, interrogatory patios favored by so many women of her generation, and she’s been in Greensboro for nearly three years. When she’s not snapping shutters, Val works at a Greensboro apartment complex and has just been signed by Marilyn’s modeling agency for work on the other side of the lens. Two more things you should know: She’s got a 3-year-old daughter named Chloe with whom she shares most of her time and she’s got eight piercings – we’ll let you figure out where they are.