Local Talent: Veronica Vaughn


The hardest part about picking a Page Three model out at Winston-Salem’s Heavy Rebel Weekender was narrowing down the field from the hundreds of sexy, tattooed women to one candidate. We settled on Veronica Vaughn, 23, for a number of reasons. For one, she’s a professional pin-up model who knows exactly what to do when there’s a camera pointed at her. For another, she was working at a swag booth selling vintage PBR coasters, skin mags and car memorabilia. And finally she has one of the best collections of skin art we’ve ever seen, including pink spiderwebs at the corners of her eyes, a skull and crossbones between her boobs that most people never get to see and a shrimp with a lemon wedge in her armpit that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Ms. Vaughn, who is in the process of moving from St. Louis to Ft. Worth, Texas, is not quite finished decorating her body. “I have a lot of plans to get a lot more [tattoos],” she says, “but I’ve made promises to different artists, so I’ve got to travel to get the rest.”