Local Talent


Michael D. Blake — lawman

A lot of people want to know how to make it to Page Three.

In this week’s case, it’s determination. Michael Blake spent much of his professional career in the construction business, moving homes to new locations. But he always wanted to be a lawman. That dream came true after he graduated from GTCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training class in December, though he has yet to ind a steady job doing police work. “Every since I was a child, law enforcement has been something I wanted to do,” Blake said. Sure, he’s 56 years old, but Blake’s got a seconddegree black belt in karate and knows his way around a handgun pretty good.

He also holds degrees in business administration and economics from UNCG. If someone doesn’t hire him soon, we suggest he don a cape and a pair of tights and go on a DIY crime-ighting spree.

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