Local Talent

by Christian Bryant

Sarah Bartholomaus (with Emma) and Heidi Schwartz (with Shelton) business owner and manager

During the tail end of 2010, Sarah Bartholomaus and Heidi Schwartz saw their work loads double — literally. Bartholomaus, who is part-owner and manager at Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem gave birth to Emma during August 2010. A month later, senior manager Schwartz gave birth to Shelton. Bartholomaus recalls being concerned about the well-being of Foothills with two of its largest contributors on maternity leave. “At first, it was a little scary,” Bartholomaus said. “My role was definitely changing at the restaurant… and then Heidi got pregnant!” Bartholomaus and Schwartz have known each other and have been integral in Foothills’ success since its founding years. They gave each other much-needed support during their pregnancies by attending yoga classes together and sharing books and advice. “I was happy to have somebody to this with,” Schwartz said. “Sarah is my mentor and my friend…. Our first baby was Foothills.” Bartholomaus is now working from home while Schwartz is in the restaurant full-time — both keeping their fingerprints on the day-to-day operations. “It’s been a nice change,” Bartholomaus said. “We put the two together [motherhood and business] and kept moving,” Schwartz said. Foothills Brewing will be hosting their annual American Craft Beer Week May 16-22 while their new production facility is expected to open later this year. For more information, visit or call 336.777.3348.