Local Talent

by Christian Bryant

Kelsey Chambers business manager


Kelsey Chambers is a native of Pfafftown and manager at Ultra Tan in Winston-Salem. “It’s a great place to work,” Chambers says. “It’s a fun environment.” Irony creeps in when Chambers divulges that she wants to go to school for dermatology, despite the fact that the tanning process can damage skin. But she says it can also help. “There’s a really big misconception about tanning beds,” Chambers says. “There are lots of things that are positively respondent to UV light,” those things being skin psoriasis, eczema and even arthritis. “When I became a manager at this salon, I wanted people to feel confident that we were a knowledgeable staff…. This is something that interests me.” Chambers manages the Ultra Tan located at Cloverdale Avenue. For more information, call 336.748.0480 or visit

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