Local Talent

by Christian Bryant

photo by Devender Sellars

Rob Doerzbacher — copywriter & trivia host

Rob Doerzbacher is no stranger to unprecedented occurrences. The Pittsburgh, Pa. native earned a copywriting job from what he calls a “vulgar” prank phone call while working at a local YMCA. After hearing the call, Doerzbacher’s boss was amused and gave her husband a listen, which then materialized into a copywriting position at Bouvier Kelly Inc., an advertising agency. “[At the time] I didn’t know anything about copywriting,” Doerzbacher says. “[Bouvier Kelly Inc] took a gamble.” Doerzbacher now works at Woodbine Advertising in Winston-Salem and enjoys his work in a profession that some describe as obscure. “I just tell folks I’m a writer and work in advertising,” Doerzbacher says. “‘Mad Men’ has helped out a lot.” He also hosts trivia nights at the Green Bean in Greensboro, a job he says he was simply “roped into.” Even so, Doerzbacher cites the dynamics of trivia night as a source of enjoyment. Regarding copywriting, he says it’s “something I want to do for the rest of my life.” Trivia nights at the Green Bean are on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Doerzbacher can be contacted at