Local Talent

by Christian Bryant


Megan Finger professional/arts advocate


Megan Finger is the development assistant for the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro and declares that she enjoys her line of work. “I’ve always had a very strong interest in the arts,” Finger says. A native of Raleigh, Finger is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, photographer and singer. She says she was drawn to Greensboro by the creative commonality of the city. “The art community is one of the things that brought me to Greensboro,” she says. The UAC, as it is affectionately known, funds more than 40 arts organizations in Greensboro. As the development assistant, Finger is responsible for press releases, helping organize events and coordinating volunteers. “I love the mission of the UAC more than anything,” Finger says. “Helping support the arts is one of the most rewarding things about my job.” The UAC of one of the sponsors of next month’s Fun Fourth Festival and will be sponsoring and organizing the 17 Days art festival. For more information, visit or call 336.373.7523.

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(photo by Devender Sellars)