Local Talent

by Christian Bryant

Aaron Philip Clark writer/teacher

Aaron Philip Clark is a writer and author of the new book The Science of Paul: A Novel of Crime. Clark, a native of Los Angeles and a film enthusiast, turned to fiction writing after writing scripts in Hollywood. “I looked at fiction writing as a way to tell my story without anyone changing it,” Clark said. The Science of Paul, a noir fiction novel and a byproduct of his grad-school thesis, serves as the foundation on which he plans to build his name. In true noir fiction fashion, Clark’s novel follows a non-traditional protagonist — an ex-convict. “I’m always going to be attracted to the underdog character,” Clark said. “I like the idea that everybody has a story to tell.” Clark currently splits time between teaching English at ECPI in Greensboro and continuing to expand his body of work. “Twenty years down the line,” Clark said, “If somebody stumbles upon my book, I want them to be able to connect to it.” Clark’s book is available for purchase at Barnhills bookstore and on For more information, visit