Local Talent


Let’s start with a disclosure: I worked with this week’s Page Three model, Kim, for a year when we both wrote for Triad Style, the predecessor to GoTriad. So I know from what I speak when I say this chick is a wildcat. But the former model’s appearance on Page Three this week is not mere cronyism, nor is it just an opportunity for her to turn us all on – she’s got something to plug! The Tobacco Road Music series, produced by her one-woman company Fresh Productions and Marketing, begins with two shows this week showcasing the talents of New York recording artist Terry Sullivan. On Friday he’ll be joined by Wafer Thin and the Red Lipstick Society at the Garage in Winston-Salem. Saturday the party moves to Burlington, where Sullivan will headline with Stratocruiser at the Raven. "I’m gonna be bringing different types of acts, generally people from New York and LA, really key musical icons, to the North Carolina region," she says. "The goal here is to do a little cross-pollinization between the bands that are here and ones that are emerging on the music scene on the East Coast and West Coast." Fans of hard rock and cleavage might want to check out her site,, and her MySpace page,, to see more of my friend Kim. – BC