Local Talent

Local Talent Jenny Saavevra

Jenny Saavevra undergoes a transformation while performing onstage. Saavevra, a belly dancer and member of Three Graces Professional Dance Troupe, earned the nickname, “Metamorphosis,” from her aunt Marizela. “My aunt saw me dance last year and she said that I was a butterfly… because I’m not so outgoing, but when I’m dancing, I’m out there having a good time.” Saavevra, a Latina beauty, was inspired by a belly-dancing program on Fit TV three years ago. “Seeing how they move, when I saw it the first time, it was like, ‘Oooh!’” She then enrolled in belly dancing classes at Forsyth Tech, where she learned at the knee of Saphira, founder of Three Graces. Jenny took her first ballet class at the age of 4, and has been dancing ever since. “The people seeing me dancing saying, “Wow, how do you move like that? Can you teach me? That motivates me.’” Jenny is still working on her stage name, so if you’d like to make a suggestion, check out Saphira’s website: