Local Talent

by the YES! Staff

Megan Lennex

This week’s Page Three model, 21-year-old Megan Lennex of Belews Creek, has three semesters to go in the UNCG nursing program, where her worldview has been rocked pretty well. “We’ve seen a whole lot of different cultures and beliefs and everything,” she says. “That’s been interesting.” Her training encompasses twice-a-week clinicals, where she and her classmates work different hospitals in different fields. “I’ve already worked with pediatric patients at Brenner [Children’s Hospital], and in labor and delivery at Women’s Hospital,” she says. “I’ve been in the delivery room and the nursery and post-delivery, too. And I’ve been in one C-section. We had to do that with twins and that was pretty cool.” Next semester she will face a new challenge in the psych ward at Forsyth Hospital. Good luck with that one, Megan.