Local Vocal: Editor reaches new low

by Richard Brewer

I am writing in response to the harsh treatment of one of your readers by the editor. She was merely stating her opinion in ‘“Stop the Bush bashing’”. Furthermore, most conservatives agree with her. Did you print her piece just so you could write the rebuttal and try to sound morally and intellectually superior? I have never read a rebuttal by an editor that pointed. Is it even the job of the editor to respond to a reader that way? As usual on the left, void of ideas and resorting to name calling. Exactly what your reader was saying. You sir, proved her point. I have never seen greater poetic justice.

Now I will respond to your diatribe.

1. I will bet you that you had a different spin when conservatives were going after Clinton and all of his glorious integrity.

2. Your answer on stem cells does nothing to prove that adult stem cells are not more viable. You should continue to read from the National Institute of Health. Do not just pick and choose little snippets.

3. This is your answer (they were looking for a way to pay for school or get good job training). That is so lame it is astonishing. Is that the best you could come up with? Enlistment into armed services is on the rise since the war in Iraq. I guess you were too busy berating a reader to fact-check that.

4. Can you produce a document that states that the National Guard is not to be used overseas? Please post it in your next issue if you find one.

5. The front line in a natural disaster falls on the state. The National Guard is used afterwards to help cleanup and provide security.

6. It is great that you know so much about all of those religions you mentioned, it makes you sound very intellectual, but the overwhelming majority of people in the United States are Judeo-Christians. Like it or not, it is the religion this country was founded on.

7. Do you know of a public school that is force feeding religion on children? That is a little overstated. You make it sound as if they are being forced to read the Bible everyday. I have a daughter in public school and the subject of religion rarely comes up. There is not even a class dedicated to religion. Not even an elective.

You and your monkey aliens keep spinning away while most average Americans believe that there is a good mix between science and religion. While looking for the missing pieces in science, we will keep our faith in our creator thank you!