Local Vocal: Feats of strength

by Matt Wallace

Did Orwell mean 2006? Big Brother is watching us all the time now, even locally. With the recent events concerning Greensboro’s police chief , it is hard to feel like we are in control of everyday situations or even our lives. But it’s not the local level that disturbs me, because as the past few weeks have shown, not even the police are above the law. No, what really has me worried is our federal government.

‘“This is déjà vu! We are living in the times of another Nixon regime,’” is what I have been preaching for the past year. Okay, so I’ve been reading a lot of Hunter S. Thompson lately, but still it seems now others are comparing the two presidencies more and more, especially with all the illegal wiretapping that has come to light. The only difference in the two is that people actually had time to process the charges against Nixon, whereas we can hardly keep up with the latest humiliation under George W’s reign of power.

Every time I finally get caught up on all the mounting evidence into the newest presidential scandal, and feel confident enough to make small talk about it around the water cooler, someone informs me: ‘“That’s old news. Haven’t you heard the recent allegations?’” It’s hard to keep up. I feel numb. Is America numb? It seems like a joke these days. ‘“Can you believe he had the gall to’…?’”

Sure, this is his second term so he doesn’t really have to worry about opinion polls, but does he have to wipe our faces in it? Bush has always been accused of only caring about the wealthy people of our country, even directly by people like Kanye West, but now he’s making it obvious.

In his latest deficit reduction plan, which is a contradiction in terms since projections show it generating an even bigger deficit, his arrogance is unchallenged. The plan takes money away from lower and middle-income families by raising health care costs and financial aid payments for students. Since wealthy students don’t need financial aid and wealthy families already have good medical plans they are, of course, not affected by this. But, where does this new money that is gained from these families go? Schools? Roads? Nope. This money is going to the tax cuts for the top 1 percent in America. Imagine, the wealthiest in America needing help from our government. But where can Bush find the money to make it possible to have these tax cuts?

Can he continue to turn up his nose to the people in America? It sure seems like it; who’s got the power to stop him? He is, as he has shown, above the law. Not only does he put unqualified friends into high level government positions, or write in special clauses that give him superseding powers over congressional decisions, or spy on Americans illegally, or even pass out tax cuts for his friends (I mean the top 1 percent of Americans), he also cares not what we think of him because he is unstoppable. Can we stomach the next few allegations that are sure to continue in the future or are we just content with switching the channel to ‘“American Idol’”?