Local Vocal: Let there be peace

by Sarah Zamamiri

On July 13, 2006 the Israelis sent IAF jets to bomb Lebanon’s international airport in Beirut. That was 21 days ago and yet they are still bombing thousands of women and children. A million citizens in Lebanon are displaced and about a thousand dead. In Palestine, Israeli armies constantly harass the children and women that are elderly. Israelis throw trash at the young children going to school.

These are the facts that the media do not report. Israel armies continue to bombard Lebanon and bombed a baby that wasn’t a day old. What if that was your child, not yet given the chance to live? Why can’t there be peace? Peace is all the Lebanese and Palestinian people want. Hear me out!

My people are dying for no reason! Even if Lebanese and Palestinians are not your people, do they deserve a right to die? The United States of America aids Israel in their use of artillery. Every year the US sends billions of dollars toward Israeli weapons and bombs. The bombs used against Lebanon were made in the US.

We need to stop this worldwide massacre of thousands of people in Lebanon and Palestine. These are murders of women and children; these are murders of babies that aren’t even born, babies that could have been doctors and lawyers, and children that could have found the cure for cancer. We need to stop this horrendous slaughtering of people and tell the public the real truth, truth that the media will not tell. This ludicrous event should be stopped. So I say pray for Lebanon and Palestine. Let the people live, stop this bloodshed. Long live Lebanon! Long live Palestine! Let there be peace!

Sarah Zamamiri


The writer is a 14-year-old student from Jamestown.