Local Vocal: Why Pricey? I’ll tell you why.

by Jay Ovittore

If there is one legislator in this state for whom I will go the extra mile, it is Pricey Harrison. Reason is, I have gotten to know Pricey over the past few years and the human being behind the politician is remarkable. She cares. This is embodied by two pieces of legislation in which she took care of her constituents and in turn helped people statewide. The two pieces of legislation are SL 2005-460 and SL 2005-22. The first is Driving From/Leaving the Scene of an Accident, tightening the hit-and-run laws to a level they should have been at for a long time. The latter, Student Asthma Medications, allows school children access to their asthma medication in the classroom without running the risk of having to go all the way to the nurse’s office, which may be too late in some cases. Pricey serves as a member on 10 committees ranging from appropriations to education, and election law and campaign finance reform. As a freshmen representative she is also vice-chair on both the Committee of Science and Technology and the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Pricey helped introduce 393 bills as a freshman and 74 times was a primary sponsor. Folks, she works, and she works hard.

A lot of us in this area and in a large portion of rural North Carolina use well water for drinking, washing, cooking and a host of other uses. Pricey has ensured that this supply of water, essential to all of us who live in or have lived in a rural community, will be tested and safe from mineral deposits and bacteria, which can cause many health problems and harm you without your knowledge for a long time.

This is compassion for your constituents. This is caring for and fighting for the average person. This is use of political voice and power in a responsible and humane way. This is Pricey Harrison.

Pricey has fought against a powerful lobbyist in Raleigh. She is fighting against the kinds of lobbyists who line pockets and buy votes. As a freshman in the House, Pricey has displayed integrity, passion and an understanding of her constituents. On the campaign trail she walks door to door and visits personally with the fine people of her district, old-school politics at the very best. She also displays a feel for the new school, with a website and a blog reaching the younger generation of voters and their needs as well.

If you still don’t get how hard Pricey works in Raleigh, let me tell you about the e-mails I get at 4 a.m. as the House has just ended session and she tells me that she can answer me tomorrow, right now she has to catch a cat nap and be back at 8 a.m. for the next session. This isn’t a high-paying job, folks. This is underpaid at times, for immense work, and I hear not one complaint about doing it. Unselfishness at its best. I have seen her reach out to a person in need with my own eyes, an amazing display of humanity, not what most expect from a politician.

The only bad news here is that I can’t vote for Pricey. I don’t live in her district, District 57. I have the wonderful Maggie Jeffus, a lateral move for me on representation for sure. What the fine folks of District 57 can do for me is send Pricey back to the NC House and let her continue to care for her constituents, bring down the lobbies and help restore what real politics is about: the people.

Jay Ovittore works as a volunteer for the Pricey Harrison campaign.