Local Vocal

by Emily Lawing

As a college student, my budget is extremely limited, but the price of birth control was never something I worried about. Earlier this year the price of most contraceptives sold at universities and safety-net health providers increased a great deal. The price went from the $5-$15 range to an outrageous $15-$35. This means that many college students and women with families who rely on safety-net health care will have to prioritize and make tough decisions about how, or even whether, we can afford contraception.

This new rise in birth control prices is unacceptable.

The recently added Deficit Reduction Act made it more difficult for universities and other health care providers to provide affordable birth control and other contraception. More than 50 US representatives are now supporting a recently introduced plan to fix the DRA which would reverse previous legislation and once again allow healthcare centers to provide birth control at a greatly discounted price to college students as well as low-income women and families.

The opportunity to receive affordably priced birth control is something that everyone should have access to. No one should have to jump through hoops to practice safe sex, especially when the solution is so simple. Please take action and protect your reproductive rights. Join me in contacting representatives Brad Miller and Mel Watt. Please ask them to support this key piece of legislation. Rep. Miller can be contacted at 333.574.2909, and Rep. Watt can be contacted at 336.275.9950.

Emily Lawing is a student at UNCG.