Local Vocal: We are Homo Sapiens

by Elvira Jasarevic

It is at times like these when I realize just how little civilization has progressed. Racism, sexism and worst of all crusades still exist. When a nation (Israel) sees it logical to start a war over two captured soldiers while they hold thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians as prisoners (many women and children) I begin to wonder how much we, as humans have developed. We are no different than the hominids (cavemen) who bickered and had little sense in them.’ When we can’t distinguish between what’s logical and what is not then we are in trouble. A crusade, which is what this is, in this century is a shame. I read articles supporting Israeli’s war crimes just because people believe they deserve the holy land and that those who oppose it will surely go to hell. How embarrassing. I guess I’ll be one of those in hell if that is the case because I refuse to support Zionism.

Elvira Jasarevic is a freshmen at UNC-Chapel Hill, 17 years old.