Local talent: Ashley Kirkman

by YES! Weekly staff

photo by Kenny Lindsay

What do you say to a woman who calls herself “Nikki Sweet Cheeks?” The answer, it turns out, is nothing — just sit back and she’ll tell you all you need to know. Ms. Cheeks, whose given name is Ashley Kirkman, is a member of the Triad burlesque troupe known as the Cherrybombers, which gears up for a show next weekend, Sept. 12, at Greene Street Club. “There’s going to be an open dance floor and live music,” she says, provided by the Red Light Five, comprised of members of Queen Anne’s Revenge, the Leeves and Burlap Sax. “There’s also a rooftop after party, kind of a meet and greet.” All told, seven dancers will grace the stage and perform this ancient art. “It’s like vintage striptease,” she says, “but it’s not just that. It’s about taking a different look at life, like a parody of life. It’s like vaudeville to me, and that’s what I try to portray.”