Local talent

Local talent

Lisa Dames More than a singer

Check out our girl Lisa Dames, who has long been the darling of the YES! Weekly music department due to her diligence and keen sense of self-promotion. Our girl Dames is taking a break of sorts from her music career — oh, she still performs with the Hall Monitors when she gets a chance, and she is in charge of the Battle of the Bands held each year by Greensboro Day School, which her two children attend. She still channels Patsy Cline whenever there is a need and a paycheck (she has played Cline in nine separate productions all across the country). She is still the de facto don of the Minivan Mafia. And she still hosts “Locals Only” — sans apostrophe — every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Magic 94.1. There are no themes and no format save for local music by local folks. “The only rules we have are no profanity and only Noprth Carolina-, South Carolina- and Virginia-based bands,” she says. “They are all independent artists or artists signed to indie labels.”

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