Local talent

by YES! Weekly staff

Local talent: Terri Green

Terri Green started working for Coil Plus, a steel company, about two weeks ago in the ordering department. And because she values her job, she gave us an interview in the company bathroom while on a break. Got to love the backstory. Her MySpace page says she divides her time between Greensboro and Myrtle Beach. She elaborates: “My father lives there, so I do spend a lot of time there.” Her father also imbued her with a love of football, specifically the Indianapolis Colts and the USC Trojans. Her love of animals, however, was a product of her own passion. Terri volunteers at the Guilford County Animal Shelter when she’s not working or hitting the clubs with her friends, and she recently brought home a pit bull/Labrador mix she named Tony Montana. He hasn’t destroyed anything yet, she says, “but I’m sure he will soon.”