Local talent:

by YES! Staff

Local talent: Rashone Washington

What is a cool dude like Rashone Washington, formerly of Newark, NJ, doing in Greensboro? Beginning the next act of his life. The first one is documented in his new film, “One Foot In, One Foot O ut ”, which begins shooting locally this winter. “We’re gonna start it out as a short,” says the writer, producer and star. “It’s about a kid coming up in the street life, figured he took the wrong route. When he changed his life around, he figured he had a story to tell.” And to cast the film, he’s holding an open call on Saturday at the Ramada Inn in Greensboro. “We need twenty extras,” he says. “One female, eight supporting roles. It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, male or female, 18 to 25 years old. We don’t care what you look like, just come out. If you have a bio, bring it. Amateurs and firsttimers are welcome.” Hope that does it for you, Rashone. And maybe there’s room in your next biopic for a fearless alt-weekly xxx editor with dashing good looks and an acerbic wit?