Local vocal: Drop the ‘N’ word

by Branden ‘B-Star’ Thompson

N***ER!!! Just a month or so ago a writer for this paper used that word in his article at least three times. The editor of this paper allowed that same article to be printed and distributed without censorship or grammatical assimilation to its supposed context; and according to both of them nobody said a single word about it.’ That is until now. I am nobody special just a guy who felt like an injustice had been done and when the opportunity arose felt I should say something about it.

The article I speak of was a hip-hop based article about Tuesday night funk at the Blind Tiger. One of the MCs (rap artists) that showcased that night was quoted as using the oh-so-famous ‘N’ word in a few of his songs.

Now by all means I do believe he did use the word. The question that arises is this: Why out of all the things this man said did you only write lines containing that word? If this was supposed to be a representation of the ‘hip-hop’ form of the word, why is it spelled with an ‘ER’ at the end instead of just a simple ‘A’? Though I feel neither spelling of this word should have been found in this publication, if you’re going to try and get away with it at least spell it properly for the hip-hop community.’ 

I was also astonished (almost to the point of laughter) that in the same article the word ‘sh*t’ is censored. Sh*t merely means to defecate, an act that every living creature must do, while n***er on the other hand is a derogatory term that singles out a particular race of people.’ Shouldn’t the word n***er succumb to at least’ the same fate (censorship) as sh*t? Now by no means did I decide to write this article in order to ‘let the media have it!!!’ so to speak, but simply to bring to the light the fact that the hip-hop community has more to say than n***a this and n***a that. Me being a hip-hop artist myself can most definitely admit to using profane language but there is much more to our music.

We, the hip-hop community, simply ask that you the media, and anyone else for that matter, look a little deeper when observing us.’ Listen to our words in their entirety, and by all means when you don’t understand simply ask us to clarify the matter for you. I promise we would much rather explain something to you instead banning you from covering future events because you failed to represent us correctly. My final question is this: the Associated Press stylebook states that n***er should only be used when in direct quotes and when it is pertinent to the story, so all in all was n***er essential to this story?

B-Star, a Greensboro MC, will perform in front of the Kaos Mathematics DJ collective at the Blind Tiger on Tuesday, Sept. 20.