Longworth: Keep reservists out of Iraq

by Jim Longworth

I was moved by the recent farewell party given by West Forsyth High School students for their social studies teacher Rick McVicar, but my emotions were more about anger than anything else.

McVicar, an Army Reservist, is willing and ready to serve his country, but for Bush and Cheney to send him into Iraq is an abuse of the very system that men like McVicar agreed to defend.

In both WWI and WWII, the highest level of Reservists called into combat was 5 percent of the total armed forces. Compare that with up to 50 percent in Iraq. Not surprisingly, Guardsmen and Reservists have accounted for one quarter of US deaths since this unjust war began.

What’s amazing to me is that despite record low approval ratings for the president, some people are still buying into Bush’s Saddam propaganda. A military officer speaking at McVicar’s ceremony told students that their teacher was fighting for ‘“the price of’ freedom.’”

Nothing could be further from the truth. McVicar is not being called to fight for our freedoms; he is being ordered to fight for an immoral policy. Not one single person in Iraq, including Sadaam, ever participated in the 9/11 attacks on America, yet we’re still sending brave men and women into harm’s way just so George W. Bush can save face for his mistakes and keep cozying up to the Saudis.

Sure I support our troops. I pray for their safety. But I also pray that some higher power can finally convince the president to bring our troops home before we pile up any more casualties. George W.Bush was never a very good student. Now his dangerous policies are depriving other students of a very good teacher.

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