Longworth feels we are prisoners in our own country

by Jim Longworth

Last week Scotland Yard saved thousands of lives by thwarting a plot by Pakistani terrorists to blow up airliners headed for America.

The 24 suspects planned to smuggle liquid explosives onto planes by concealing them in common items found in carry-on bags.

‘ This incident reminds us that we are still at war with terrorists.’ But it also reminds us that the two Bush presidents helped to escalate that war by unjustly invading Iraq, not once but twice.

America’s dependence on foreign oil has driven the war on terrorism, and now Americans are paying the price for a government that is controlled by oil interests and defense contractors.

‘ Each day we are forced to relinquish another freedom, all in the name of homeland security.

We are already subject to strip searches, and now because of last week’s liquid bomber plot, we won’t be able to carry shampoo or water onto an airplane.

‘ We already have the technology in place to detect explosive residue on baggage, but only a handful of airports use it.

So, instead of restricting passengers, we need to make sure every airport is armed with the latest screening devices that will not only detect bomb materials, but will make strip searches a thing of the past.

‘ I’m all for stopping terrorists.

I just don’t want to be treated like one in my own country.

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