Longworth says: Judicial system guilty of DWI

by Jim Longworth

Another child was struck and killed by a drunk driver earlier this month in Winston-Salem.

And while all such incidents are tragic, this one is especially disturbing.

That’s because this driver, Michael Logan, had been arrested three times before for driving while intoxicated.

Three times!

The question is: Why wasn’t he in prison instead of killing a child?

The answer is an inconsistent judicial system.

On two of Logan’s DWIs, he was let go by the same judge, the honorable Roland Hayes, who has a reputation for being lenient with drunk drivers. His conviction rate is only 50 percent compared to other judges like Tory Roemer, who put 89 percent of drunk drivers behind bars. Yes Hayes is now officially retired, but as journalist Scott Sexton pointed out, he still serves as a substitute judge, so he can still try DWI cases.

The state has a process for judicial review, and Hayes should be investigated for his obvious lack of zeal when it comes to punishing drunk drivers.

Logan will face trial soon, and we can only hope that Roemer gets the case.

Meanwhile, legislators need to streamline the code on DWI so that defense lawyers have no wiggle room for repeat offenders.

Serial drunk drivers like Logan are true terrorists, and should be executed, not just jailed.

They give up their right to live when they take life from innocent children.

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