Longworth says there’s a diagnostic dilemma

by Jim Longworth

When it comes to promoting healthy lifestyles, insurance companies talk the talk, but they sure don’t walk the walk.

Case in point. Lack of coverage for crucial diagnostic tests. Last year, Blue Cross, for example, decided that CT and PET Scans would be subject to deductibles.’ Why is that bad?’ 

Let’s say I had a CT Scan taken at my doctor’s office that cost $600. In the past, I merely paid $30 out of pocket.’ Today, if I have a $500 deductible, I pay the first $500 of the scan, then another 20% of the remainder.’ And so, my $600 CT Scan costs me $520, while Blue Cross pays only $80.

Big Blue blames their new policy on the fact that CT Scans among members have increased 150% over the past few years, and that their cost for the test is up 23%.’ 

But these scans help detect a variety of cancers , and my fear is that people with little cash on hand will start to forego tests that could save their life.

Insurance companies have lots of cash on hand, so it is ironic that while carriers like Blue Cross can’t see the need for MY scan,’  I, on the other hand, can see right through Blue Cross.

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