by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Melophobic

What it means: Someone that is melophobic is afraid of music. When people hear the name, they think I mean I must be scared to be “mellow,” which is an unintentional but very accurate double entendre.

Real name: Ian M. Purdy

What I play: Dubstep, jungle and breakcore, mostly. Also electro, ska/reggae, hip hop and even Top 40 when occasion calls for it.

Catch me at: I host a weekly on Wednesdays at Ziggy’s with DJ Rasputin, but you’ll also find me at Studio 99 and MOD Bar.

Got in the game: I started producing in 1996. I’ve released tracks since then as Hypnosonic, Melophobic and ][ /v }>.

Why I do it: I’ve toured all over the world playing drums with dozens of bands through the years. I’ve also performed in drum corps, sang in punk bands, conducted operas and played lead guitar in surf bands. DJing was never a conscious choice I made, it was something I did naturally. The best part of DJing is digging for tracks. Discovering new music I’ve never heard before is the thrill for me. When I drop something nobody has heard before and everybody starts going crazy, and all the other DJs bum-rush the stage to see what you’re playing… well, that’s the reason I do this.

Influences: Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, Bong-Ra, Cardopusher, Drumcorps, Borgore, Zeds Dead, Excision, Nosia, Cookie Monsta, Joker, Mistabishi, Dieselboy, Dara, AK1200, Aphrodite, DJ DB, Andy C, Autechre, Stuntrock, Girl Talk, Crystal Castles, Duran Duran Duran, Rusko, Bassnectar, Trentemoller.

First pro gig: Some rave-hole in Syracuse, NY

Studio work: I’ve released two tracks as Hypnosonic, “Blow Yr Brains Out” in 1996 and “Tranceland” in 1998. I released the single

“Only Little Things” as Melophobic in 1996, which has been released and re-released on several labels through the years. There was a Melophobic EP released in 2002 called Halloween on now-defunct Vitesse Records. I have also done several remixes and B-sides through the years. There will be a new Melophobic single released on Beatport in the next few weeks, and I am currently shopping for labels to release an EP of all new Melophobic tracks in 2012.

Favorite technique: I love to drop in samples, whether they’re a drumloop going double-time, an old vocal hook, a Slayer guitar riff or some movie dialogue. I’ll also play drums live on drumset or electronic pads.

Signature mix: I’m known for the track “Only Little Things,” but I’m proud of all my mixes, otherwise I wouldn’t release them.

Favorite albums: Let me clarify: these are my favorite EDM albums, otherwise you’d need a book. Also, when I say favorite albums, I mean solid from beginning to end, not just a few good tracks. Squarepusher — Big Loada and Hello Everything, Venetian Snares — Detrimentalist and Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett, Aphrodite — Urban Junglist, AK1200 — At Close Range, Nightmares On Wax — Smoker’s Delight, Bong-Ra — Junglist!, Hardknox — Hardknox, Leftfield — Rhythm and Stealth

My gear: Windows-based laptop running Reason 5, M-Audio Torq 2, Cubase 6, and Wavelab 7. On-stage hardware: M-Audio Xponent midi controller, Korg padKontrol, and a Korg kontrol49. On-stage percussion: Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo drumheads and Innovative Percussion Sticks