by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: Mr. Jennings What it means: I feel like my full name is a little too long, and the “Mr.” adds a touch of silliness to the whole deal.

Real name: Conway Jennings

What I play: Bassy electronic music. Lately I’ve focused on glitch hop and dubstep, but I still play a good bit of House, Baltimore club and various other styles.

Catch me at: RVAlution at the Hat Factory in Richmond, Va., all of the Party Liberation Front events, a good plenty of Philadelphia Experiment events and our new dubstep night, Whomp Whomp at the Camel in Richmond.

Upcoming shows: Aug. 28, Summer Carnevale at Castle McCulloch; Aug. 31-Sept. 1, the Burning Man Festival at Black Rock City.

Got in the game: January 2003

Why I do it: I loved hip hop at the time (still do!) and seeing the movie Scratch inspired me to learn how to use the turntables in my own way.

Influences: Eskimo, Mimosa, Heyoka, Bil Bless, An-ten-nae and many, many more, but most importantly, the crowd that I’m playing for.

First pro gig: The release party for my brother’s kayaking video “Bigger Than Rodeo” at the Canal Club in Richmond. It was 2005 I think.

Studio work: Ha ha, working on it right now. I have a number of songs I’m currently writing, but no official releases yet. Hopefully before the new year, some of these tracks will be out.

Favorite technique: Well, I guess it’s more a concept than a specific technique. I really like to make decisive changes when I’m mixing tracks. Rather than a slow fade, I’ll bring the new track in at or close to full volume when elements drop out or change on the old track. This makes is sound like it was written into the song, versus sounding like a DJ fading in elements of the new track. That being said, this works great for glitch hop and dubstep, but other styles can definitely benefit from slower mixing.

Signature mix: The Best of Both Worlds, check it out here:

Personal playlist: A lot of hip hop. Some favorites are Aesop Rock, Blue Scholars, Orishas, Sweatshop Union, a Tribe Called Quest. I absolutely love Beck. I also listen to a good bit of metal, especially when I’m driving long distances alone. Some faves are Dragonforce, Arsis, Dimmu Borgir and Lamb of God.

Favorite albums: Flying Lotus — Los Angeles, Bassobese — 49 Nights of Twilight, Lorn — Something Else, Beck — Midnite Vultures, Blue Scholars —Bayani, Aesop Rock — Bazooka Tooth

My gear: DJing: Traktor Scratch Pro on a Macbook, Technics SL-1200 turntables with a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer, Korg NanoControl midi controller. Producing: Ableton Live 8.0, Clavia Nord Rack 2, and M-audio Axiom 49 keyboard.


I’d like to add: A big thanks to all the people who love to dance; the magic wouldn’t happen without you!