by Britt Chester

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It’s amazing the feats that artists accomplish when they come together with separate visions, varying ideas, yet allow the artistic process to unfold as naturally as possible. In this instance, Jared Draughon, the Winston-Salem musician who performs under the guise of Must Be The Holy Ghost, teamed up with some fellow Triad artists to create his first official music video for “Immoral Support,” the lead single off his 2014 album Get Off.

“The song, in essence “¦ I found myself in a relationship that you know at some point is going to turn south and not going to last, but you stick with it anyway until it ultimately falls apart,” Draughon said about the influence of the song.

For the video, Draughon teamed up with Danny and Matthew Gorbachov, two brothers who hail from Florida but currently reside in Winston-Salem and produce content under the name The Brothers Gorb. The connection, made by mutual friend Anna Kate Rooney who is the managing director at Peppercorn Children’s Theatre, proved to be viable and resourceful for everyone.

“We first started when (Jared) sent us an email with a couple songs he was thinking about making a video for,” said Matthew Gorbachov. “My brother and I work together, so he and I brainstormed and talked about it. We decided go to with “Immoral Support” because we thought out of the few he selected us to check out that it would be the strongest one. We felt most connected to it.”

The initial process for the music video found the Gorbachovs and Draughon drafting ideas around Draughon’s live visual accompaniment; the psychedelic projections of Evan Hawkins often compliment Must Be The Holy Ghost.

“My brother came up with this idea to do this jacket thing, this psychedelic trippy jacket,” Matt added.

In the video, Draughon is seen wearing a jacket that is filled with the visual elements Hawkins often uses in his live projections. Once that idea was set in stone, the brothers were tasked with figuring out how to properly light and manage the green screen effects in post-production, which is where most of the time in the past six months has been spent.

Also, Winston-Salem artist and musician Molly Grace is seen in multiple characters, ones that Draughon explained depict the varying personalities revealed as you venture deeper into an intimate partnership with someone.

“I think some people will be surprised that it’s all one person because she varies with each character,” Draughon said. “The idea is that she is one person with multiple personalities that you might deal with in a relationship.”

Draughon also explained how difficult it was to handle all of the post-production for the video. The editing, visual effects, and final product took several months to finish.

The group started working together in August of last year, and it was only recently that they were able to finalize the video for release.

To boot, Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company are hosting the video release party on Thursday night, as well as kicking off the release of their new chocolate stout beer, appropriately titled “Must Be The Holy Roast.”

“I think what I’m stoked about in this video is it’s really a music video. Matt and Danny have a really good – they are good musicians – there’s a lot of rhythm pulsating and projections and cuts to things on down beats. They put a lot of time into editing. That’s a lot of the reason it took six months,” Draughon said.

“This, I think, probably, I can safely say that this is one of the most exciting and fulfilling projects I’ve worked on in the past couple years,” said Matt.

Matt and Danny Gorbachov are currently looking at relocating to Atlanta to focus more on video work. Matt explained that because of the change in tax incentives in North Carolina for film work, the market for video production is more appealing in the larger city. !


Try Hoots’ latest addition to their craft beer arsenal, and catch the premier of Must Be The Holy Ghost’s new music video on Thursday at 7 p.m. The video will play every hour on the hour until 11 p.m. Some artists will be in attendance.