“Magik” Mark Wagner

by Brian Clarey

People generally expect a set of circumstances when they go to a strip club: High-priced drinks, no sex (not even in the VIP room) and a strip-club DJ with the Voice, the ebullient, smarmy tone announcing the dancers and their songs. The piece of man before you is DJ and professional emcee “Magik” Mark Wagner, and he is in possession of the Voice. Over his 18-year career it has helped him secure a most enviable job as emcee for bikini contests and model searches in Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach and Florida as well as his steady gig at Christie’s Cabaret in Greensboro. And he’s currently working on a documentary film, The VIP Backstage Pass to Adult Entertainment. “Most of the girls are putting themselves through school or they’re single moms,” he says. “That’s why they do it.” Another piece of strip-club DJ wisdon: “The most popular songs right now would have to be ‘Come to Me’ by P. Diddy or ‘Crazy Bitch’ by Buckcherry.”