Mailbag: Letters for 7/18/2007


Have been watching anxiously in the YES! Weekly LTE’s for any replies to Jordan Green’s magnanimity regarding his decision to take responsibility for slavery that may have been utilized by various forebears of his in their business endeavors two centuries ago [“A personal apology for slavery;” June 13, 2007; and “When historical blame and present obligations get sticky;” July 11, 2007].ÊUnless I overlooked such,ÊI don’t remember seeing any. Now, I’m quite sure Jordan had no intention of doing this for publicity, and however unfathomable it may be to others, no matter what his reasoning was,ÊI imagine he fully expected not to have an overwhelming response.

Forgive my cynicism,Êbut I think he could have maybe had more of a response if he would have backed up the whole thing with some cold hard cash.ÊThe deeper the pockets, the deeper the feeling.ÊI also think it could have helped to cast a little wider net. Why limit it to two centuries? He might well have gone back whole-hog for a least 3,000 years. Go big or go home.

It looks like Jordan has an Anglo- Saxon/Germanic or Celtic heritage. It’s quite possible some of his forebears may have sacked Rome and even further back may have slaughtered some Turkish or Semitic peoples in their westward migration from the area of the Caucuses.ÊHe could zip off a letter to Rome or Istanbul or Syria tomorrow, and don’t forget about Wales.

Do it Jordan. You’ll feel better. Ê

John Gehris

High Point ÊÊ