Making music, making a musical and mixed-up movies

by Mark Burger

It’s the end of the month, and that means one thing: another Dot Matrix Project (or dotmatrixproject) event. The fun begins at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Green Burro Sports Bar (106 W. McGee St., Greensboro). Media mastermind Sean Coon and his crack team of filmmakers and photographers will be doing their best to capture the live concert experience and showcase some of the music talent of the region. This month’s twin bill features the blues-based, pop-rock prognosticators the Raving Knaves and the Southern-rock sounds of Perfect Tritium, which features the father/son duo of Rodney Owen (bass) and Marshall Owen (guitar and vocals). Joining the Dot Matrix team for this month’s event is the talented triumvirate from All Aces Media — Blake Faucette, Micah Moore and Sean’s brother Andy Coon. These are the makers of the upcoming feature film Dogs of Chinatown (which was shot on location in Greensboro last year), about which more news will shortly be forthcoming. For more information about this event, and to check out highlights and videos from previous Dot Matrix events, see

Mixed-Tape Film Series at Carousel

Yet another summer movie series, the Mixed-Tape Film Series, gets underway next week at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas (1305 Battleground Ave., Greensboro). The series will open Wednesday with Joel and Ethan Coen’s cult comedy The Big Lebowski (1997) with a star-studded cast including Jeff Bridges (as the eponymous “Dude”), John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Sam Elliott, John Turturro, Steve Buscemi, David Thewlis, David Huddleston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ben Gazzara, Tara Reid (maybe her best performance) and one very agitated ferret. Admission is $3 (college students with valid ID admitted for $1), with discount popcorn ($1.25) and cold beer ($1).

The series, which is presented by the hosts of “The Movie Show” radio broadcast (they picked the movies, of course), will continue into 2009 with subsequent screenings planned for the first Wednesday of each month. Next up: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Buscemi in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 feature debut Reservoir Dogs on Oct. 1; a special Halloween double feature consisting of Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad (1987) and Steve Miner’s 3-D sequel Friday the 13 th Part 3 (1982) on Oct. 30; Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman in Wes Anderson’s award-winning 1998 comedy Rushmore on Nov. 5; Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Vincent Price and Alan Arkin in Tim Burton’s Oscar winning Edward Scissorhands (1990) on Dec. 3; David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly in Jim Henson’s 1986 fantasy Labyrinth; Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates in Amy Heckerling’s 1982 feature debut Fast Times at Ridgemont High (look for Nicolas Cage and Forest Whitaker, too) on Feb. 5; Chan-wook Park’s acclaimed 2003 horror shocker Oldboy on March 4; Ngai Kai Lam’s action-packed fantasy Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) on April 1; and Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern and Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet (1986), for which director David Lynch earned an Oscar nomination, on May 6 (which happens to be my birthday). I actually took a date to see Blue Velvet at the beautiful Amboy Multiplex back in 1986. She didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did. I thought it was extremely funny, but she didn’t quite see it that way. That must be why the relationship didn’t last. For more information about the series, see www. West Side Civic Theatre has Hello, Dolly!

The West Side Civic Theatre caps off its 10 th season with yet another grand-scale production: The Tony Award winning musical extravaganza Hello, Dolly! The show will open next Friday in Shallowford Square in downtown Lewisville. Showtimes are 8 p.m. on Sept. 5-7, and Sept. 11-13. Admission is, as always, free, and audiences are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets and picnic dinners. There will be some concessions sold at the venue. Based on Thornton Wilder’s screwball comedy The Merchant of Yonkers (which he later adapted into The Matchmaker), the show focuses on the matchmaking efforts of one Dolly Gallagher Levi (played in this production by Maggie Gallagher), the bubbly busybody who gets a taste of her own medicine when she too is struck by Cupid’s arrow. The original 1964 Broadway production, produced by David Merrick, won nine Tonys including best musical. It remains one of the most popular musical comedies of its time, if not all time. John Rushton, the co-founder, president and artistic director of the WSCT, will again don his director’s cap for this production, while wife (and WSCT co-founder) Joy Dorsey Rushton serves as the show’s musical director. The cast also includes Holly Mead, Michael Koch, Mark Walek, Rene Walek-Shepard and Cameron Williams. Like all WSCT shows, Hello, Dolly! is suitable for all ages. For more information, see

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