Man Arrested for Lewis Street Vandalism

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)

by Jeff Sykes

Edward Council list his address as the Interactive Resource Center.

Police were able to use surveillance video to make an arrestof a vandal caught in the act of destroying windows at a remodeled building onLewis Street in Downtown Greensboro.

Greensboro police charged Edward Council, 54, of Greensboroon Tuesday with misdemeanor injury to personal property. Council’s address waslisted on court documents as 407 E. Washington St. That address is the locationof the Interactive Resource Center, a day center for the homeless.

Developer Eric Robert spent most of the first half of 2016working alongside crews to remodel the building at 603 S. Elm St. A businessmanfrom Charlotte has already made plans to open a new bar in the back half of thespace. Robert was finishing work on the remodeled front space in early Julywhen someone began smashing double-pane tempered glass windows crews installedalong the Lewis Street side of the building.

After the second incident, where someone smashed the glassin a doorway, Robert’s tenant installed surveillance cameras along the Lewis Streetside.

During the First Friday event in Downtown Greensboro on Aug.4, cameras captured footage of a man smashing multiple windows on the propertyjust after 10:30 p.m. The man violently smashes into the windows several timeswith a long metal pole.

“When you look at this video, either he is sick or psycho,”Robert said in a previously published report. “The vengefulness anddetermination with which he is attacking my windows is almost like someone paidhim to do his. There is a definite determination to inflict destruction.”

Detectives assigned to the case reviewed the video footagelast week and reported to Robert on Tuesday afternoon that an arrest was made.Police reports indicate that Council was arrested about 11 a.m. Tuesday in the100 Block of Martin Luther King Dr. near Elm Street, just a block away fromwere the incident took place.

Police told Robert that Council was interviewed bydetectives following his arrest but declined to provide a statement.

Documents indicate that Council was released from custodyfollowing an appearance before a magistrate. Police have arrested Council atotal of nine times since April 2010, according to police documents. An arrestin June for possession of cocaine and trafficking heroin are the most recent incidents.Other arrests include multiple instances of failure to appear in court,occupying a condemned building and simple assault.

NC Department of Corrections data show a 2012 conviction forassault inflicting serious injury. Council received a suspended sentence inthat case.