Marcus and Laura Horth

by Brian Clarey

Here at YES! Weekly we like to think that every Page Three is special. And they are, each and every one of them. But this week’s installment is closer to our hearts than most, because the picture tells a story ‘— a love story. Marcus Horth and Laura Thomas met three years ago at an open blues jam at the now-defunct Wild Magnolia club on Walker Avenue. Marcus, who is part of YES! Weekly’s crack distribution team, is also a founding member of the Mantras, the Greensboro-based groove band that is starting to put some asses in the seats at clubs all over the state. Laura works at the Greensboro Public Library and is known around town both for her artistic flair and the way she looks in bluejeans. And by the time this issue hits the streets they’ll be husband and wife after a June 3 ceremony at Castle McCulloch, which is sure to be a celebration that will bring out all the dancin’ fools, followed by a Costa Rican honeymoon. We salute the newlyweds and wish them the best of luck.