Mark Rucker

by Brian Clarey

This week’s Page Three model, Mark Rucker, is famous. Kind of. In 2003 his feature film directorial debut, Die Mommy Die won a jury award at that year’s Sundance Film Festival and many considered the movie, a big-screen soap opera about an aging superstar and her conniving family, to be the funniest of the year. But Mark makes his living as a freelance theater director and he’s in town to put on ‘“Euerybodye’” at Guilford College, showing Nov. 11-2 and 17-19. The play is based on ‘“Everyman,’” a morality tale from the 15th century. ‘“It’s a modern adaptation with a Middle English slant,’” he says. The lines are delivered in Middle English verse, but he says it’s ‘“very comprehensible.’” A native Californian, Rucker says he likes North Carolina very much ‘— he’s worked here a couple of times before, and he’s become a fan of the city’s artsy Quaker college. ‘“I went to UCLA,’” he says. ‘“I can’t believe what a difference there is between the two schools.’”