Matthews Specialty Vehicles rolls out Ebola Research Units

by Daniel Schere

Greensboro-based Matthews Specialty Vehicles has created threevehicles that will aid in the process of treating Ebola in affected areas ofAfrica, including Guinea. Matthews partnered with Ohio-based Clinical RM on thevehicles, which will assist research teams in diagnosing and treating thedisease. The vehicles were recently recognized by the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation.

“Clinical RM provided the equipment. Matthews used theirknowledge in creating these vehicles because they create all kinds of vehiclesincluding bloodmobiles, that’s one of the things that they’re experts at,” spokesmanRichard Rossi of Beacon Technologies said.

Rossi said he was not sure exactly how many lives themachines would save. Matthews Sales Director Dennis Hoag said in a pressrelease that the vehicles would play a key role in the blood analysis componentof the research.

“We’ve equipped each vehicle with both plasma collectionsystems and a pathogen inactivation blood system. Research teams will be ableto test the feasibility of cutting edge treatments, facilitating the search fora vaccine and effectively accelerating recovery time for those already affected.”