McCaint finds his bottom, end is near

by Ogi Overman

So it’s come to this. McCaint is forced to defend his opponent and gets booed for doing it. The chickens have come home to roost, and he has nobody to blame but himself. When he turned his campaign over to Rove’s top two hatchet men, Steven Schmidt and Rick Davis, we could see it coming a mile away. In fact, I wrote about it not once but twice in the spring and summer of our discontent, to wit:

“Before it’s over, Barack Hussein Obama will be a subversive, draft-dodger, atheist, half-breed, homosexual, child predator, philanderer, mongrel, communist, polygamist, mentally impaired, manic depressive, tax evader, Black Panther, Nation of Islam member, pornographer, terrorist, alien abductee, syphilitic, drug addict, misogynist, pro-Arabian America hater. You must know that Rove & Co. have no lower ethical boundaries and that nothing is off limits.”

And then again a month or so later, just as Obama was about to clinch the nomination: “Yet, if you think it’s getting ugly now, wait ’til the general election. Wait until Rove gets re-involved and cranks up the GOP hit squads. His middle name being Hussein, the false claims that he is a Muslim and the bit about him not wearing an American flag lapel pin or putting his hand over his heart during the ‘National Anthem’ — is that all you got? — will pale in comparison. The Republican Slime Machine has no lower boundaries, trust me. These bottom feeders will sling all the mud in the La Brea Tar Pits in an effort to smear Obama and avoid a discussion of the issues.”

I hate to say I told you so, but, well….

All this came about after none of the earlier GOP attacks worked. The slimeball Jerome Corsi who coauthored the first Swiftboat book on Kerry tried it again on Obama, and it hit the clearance shelves quicker than OJ’s book on how he (might have) murdered his wife and Ron Goldman. If anything, The Obama Nation solidified the Democrat’s supporters and braced them for sleaze yet to come.

And come it did, lurching into high gear after his insanely desperate pick of CRABWOMAN to be his hatchet girl/running mate. As soon as she disgraced not only herself, her party, her state and her gender, but American politics in general, she began her pitbull-with-lipstick approach, accusing him of “palling around with terrorists.”

Really? He sits on a board (founded, incidentally, by right-wing billionaire Walter Annenberg) with some old Weather Underground guy, folks I remember quite well from my counterculture days, who’s now a tenured education professor who’d hosted a coffee party to raise a few bucks for him early in his political career, and suddenly Obama’s become a terrorist. The conflation, of course, is not that he’s “palling around” with them but is in fact one himself.

Now, we expected this gutter slime from CRABWOMAN, but then McCaint sends his wife out here to tell us how it sent cold chills up her spine when Obama voted against a funding measure for the troops in Iraq. We were left to wonder if those same chills appeared when hubby John voted against a similar funding bill shortly thereafter (when he was trying to distance himself from the Duh). This has always been a wedge issue that the warmongers use to cast traitor and treason labels on those who are trying to de-fund the war as the only means of bringing the soldiers home, so we assumed it would rear its head in the campaign. But by his wife!?

So, after a week of taunts from the rabid Palin crowds hollering “terrorist,” “traitor,” “kill him” and hurling racial epithets at a TV crewman, those two looneytoons at the town hall meeting he loves so well pop up and the redneck says he fears an Obama presidency and the old lady calls Obama an “Arab terrorist” (a new video showing her from the front has surfaced and she clearly says “terrorist” after “Arab”). McCaint jerked the mic from her and replied that, no, he’s a decent family man. But did it occur to anyone that his response means that being an Arab precludes one from being a decent family man?

By this point, it doesn’t even matter. McCaint has hit rock bottom and it’s all over but the hollerin’. The third debate is moot, early voting has begun and Obama is poised to take the prize.

But, you know, as elated as I am, it’s rather sad to see McCaint go out this way. Undone by his own anger, ambition and poor judgment, he allowed the same knuckledraggers who’d accused him of fathering an illegitimate black daughter, whom he’d actually adopted, to run his campaign. He wanted to win so badly that he’d stoop to their gutter level. And that alone disqualifies him from the presidency.

Rove giveth and Rove taketh away.

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