Melanie Saxton

by YES! Staff

Local Talent

Melanie Saxton has cool hair. And well she should. This week’s Page Three model is a 22-year-old stylist at Regis Salon, in the Four Seasons mall, a position she took after finishing at Leon’s Beauty School in June. And her hairstyle is nothing less than a billboard for her services. Since she’s relatively new at the game, she’s still trying to fill her appointment book. “Some people just like the salon,” she says. “They don’t care who does their hair. If I see a person come back to me by request three times, then I know she’s my client.” Melanie doesn’t mind if a customer brings a picture of a hairstyle from a magazine, but she offers one caveat: “A lot of people think that when you’re done, it will look exactly like the person in the magazine,” she says. “Sometimes you have to cover up the face in the magazine and say, ‘Do you still like that haircut?’ And sometimes they change their mind.” Call 336.852.4448 if you want her to pencil you in for a cut.