Melody Byrd

by Brian Clarey

During a quick Page Three recon mission in Downtown Greensboro we stumbled across Melody Byrd at Liberty Oak as she prepared for a night waiting tables in the classy eatery where she’s been working for nearly four years. ‘“I like just being downtown,’” she says. ‘“It’s amazing to see how it’s changing and how people are being influenced to bring their businesses here.’” Melody, 24, is a Greensboro native currently studying political science at GTCC as well as taking courses in Spanish and French. ‘“I like anything that deals with human nature,’” she says. ‘“I find that to be very interesting ‘— why people do what they do, how they get to the places they are.’” She also says that her hobby is journalism, and if we can coax a sample column out of her, you just might see her name in these pages next as a byline, though we reserve the right to put her picture next to it.