Micha Merrick

by Brian Clarey

It’s true, the concentration camp uniforms that this week’s Page Three model, Micha Merrick, spent “at least a full 40-hour week” putting together were not implemented in Triad Stage’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank (see cover story, p. 11). But, says the costume artisan, in theater that’s the way it goes. Micha knows all about show business. After growing up in Annapolis, Md. she graduated in costume design from the NC School of the Arts and not only does she make costumes for one of the best regional theaters in the US, she also works as a fire and burlesque dancer with the Greensboro troupe the Emberellas, who sometimes throw in with a larger collective of weird performers called Burn. If you’ve been paying attention around town you’ve probably seen her dressed in skimpy furs and working a flaming Hula Hoop. If not, you can certainly find her on MySpace. She’s all over it.