Michele Headen

by Brian Clarey

This week’s Page Three model, Michele Headen, got the gig because, frankly, we see her everywhere we go in this town so we figure she’s got to know something. Also, in this shot taken at Hemingway’s, she presents a stunning vision in red, though it’s probably hard to tell in black-and-white (for full-color takes of the photo shoot, go to Michele works as a freelance personal concierge here in town, which means she runs errands, plans parties, walks dogs, housesits, shops, moves furniture and does any of the other million little things in life that so many of us are too busy to do. Once during Furniture Market she met a man who forgot to pack shoes, so she arranged for a guy to bring seven pair out to High Point in his size so the man could choose footwear for the rest of his trip. Before expressing her entrepreneurship Michele served in the Army for eight years, doing time at Fort Bragg, Germany and Korea. And because there’s something about her that we just like, we’ll give her a plug: her website is at ‘“I’m always looking for business,’” she says.