Misty Knowles

by Brian Clarey

If you pick up your copy of YES! Weekly on Wednesday, then you should know that we’ve got a birthday girl on Page Three. Misty Knowles turns 21 on March 1, though she says her celebration will be a bit more subdued than that of our brilliant illustrator Chris Lowrance (see Framed, p. 16). ‘“I’m straight-edge,’” she admits, ‘“so I don’t drink.’” This means she knew exactly what she was doing when she dyed her bangs fishbowl blue (‘“Turquoise is my favorite color,’” she says. ‘“Ever.’”) And while you can’t see the dye-job in this black-and-white shot, you can tell that she’s definitely got style. She graduated from Leon’s Beauty School last year and has been working at Wisteria Salon ever since, as well as nurturing a career as a freelance makeup artist. And she’s currently in the process of applying to the Savannah College of Art and Design to study fashion design. ‘“I just decided I didn’t want to do hair,’” she says. Whatever the future holds for our young model, we advise her to keep the turquoise. It’s freaky. In a good way.