Mitch Clark

by Brian Clarey

In compiling our weekly Local Talent section, the married staffers among us are often confounded when we come across specimens that have remained unattached. This week’s model, Mitch Clark, is one of those. At 25 years of age Mitch is a young man on his way ‘— he opened a Jimmy John’s sandwich franchise on Stanley Road about two years ago and started another for the stoners at UNCG on Tate Street last year. His third store, planned for July 2006, will be on Battleground, presumably within driving distance of Guilford College to capitalize on the late-night sandwich market there. ‘“I haven’t had a girlfriend since I moved here two years ago,’” he says from behind the sandwich counter on Stanley Road. ‘“No baggage ‘— I got nothing. Just me and my job and a bottle of wine.’” An employee chirps in from behind: ‘“He plays hockey and talks to lots and lots of women.’” Mitch grins sheepishly and finishes putting together a turkey and Swiss.