Mizu Japanese Cuisine brings stunning, original sushi creations and hibachi to the Triad

by Britt Chester | @awfullybrittish

Opening its doors in 2009, the one and only Mizu Japanese Cuisine established itself in Winston-Salem as one of the premier spots for sushi. With a manifold menu of original sushi rolls and sashimi plates, an entrée list replete with the spectrum of hibachi options, appetizers and desserts that astound in the visual and flavor realms, Mizu is a bucket list item for any Triad foodie.

Once perusing the menu, you are able to see that options for a full-course meal are offered at a reasonable price. The hibachi menu, which offers chicken, steak, filet, shrimp and a vegetarian option, comes with a cup of soup, a gingerdressed salad and two sauces on the side. Depending on your meat of choice, prices range from $10 to $18.

As is typical with restaurants that offers sushi and Japanese cuisine, the edamame (boiled Japanese soy beans with sea salt) is always a good choice for a starter. But if you are looking to start with something meatier, the Shrimp Tempura or Shumai will satisfy your preliminary appetite. Shumai is a dumpling “” fried dough mixed with either pork or shrimp “” that is paired with a sweet and tangy soy-based sauce.

If you fancy sushi, the place to start is always sashimi, which is a small portion of white rice tucked underneath raw fish. It is recommended that you start with this so as to be able to appreciate the intricate flavors of the fish before other, more dominant flavors take over. But, you don’t have to.

Will Liu, Mizu’s head chef, brings more than 15 years of experience to the kitchen. Although he said he loves all the rolls, he prefers the flavors of sashimi to other menu items.

But one of the best parts of eating sushi is the fresh preparation that you witness when seated at the sushi bar in Mizu. The bar seats roughly nine people, but it is the prime spot for ordering and eating. The chefs are engaging, willing to answer questions about rolls, certain types of fish and what pairs best with other rolls. Also while seated at the bar, you can watch as the chefs delicately slice translucent pieces of salmon, tuna and yellowtail, offering a rainbow of colors on the plate as they dress and prepare the remainder of the dish.

For the holidays, Liu and his team of sushi chefs have prepared a Christmas Roll that will only remain on the menu until the end of the year. The Christmas Roll is filled with crab stick, spicy king crab meat, shrimp and the perfect serving of white rice, all wrapped in Japanese soy bean paper. Atop rests a sliced filet of tuna. Liu added colorful sprinkles to adorn the roll, which give just a hint of sweetness as you finish the bite-sized helpings.

Another special roll currently being prepared is the Marina Bay. Spicy tuna, basil, apple, crunch (think tempura) and mango fill the nori wrapping with spicy scallop, salmon roe and scallions topping off the specialty. An added eel sauce and a sweet honey wasabi are painted on the sides of the plate.

If the succulence of either of those rolls is too much for you to handle, Mizu offers a Fruit and Vegetable roll, which Liu says is often served as a dessert because of the sweet flavor profiles featured.

For Mizu, sushi is not simply fish waiting to be served. The chefs treat each plate as if it were a blank canvas waiting for a masterpiece of savory impressions, and they have succeeded in that venture to become one of the best sushi places to visit in the Triad. !


Mizu Japanese Cuisine is located at 3374 Robinhood Rd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They are open Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m, and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Call (336)774-9797 for reservations, but walk-ins are welcomed.