Monica Rondon


photo by Kyle Rhines

‘“Hot, single and ready to mingle.’” Yes, these words came forth from the lips of this week’s Page Three model, Monica Rondon. Unfortunately for all you drooling pervs out there, she was not speaking about herself but instead was giving a shout out to her boss, Carla, who from what we can gather shamed her into saying it. Monica works at Adecco, a staffing company that she says, among other things, supplies NASCAR with its vendors. And when the 20-year-old from Mocksville isn’t working, she likes to hang out in’… Charlotte? ‘“That’s where we go,’” she says. We found her at the Carolina Blues Festival, traipsing the grounds with her mom, Rita, who Monica says likes to ‘“drag’” her to ‘“any kind of music thing outdoors.’” And we know we’re getting old when we have more in common with the mother than with the model herself.