Morella Moon

by Brian Clarey

We obliged our Halloween Page Three model, Morella Moon, by agreeing not to disclose her real name. What the hell – the holiday is synonymous with fantastic identities and freaky secrets, and you’ll likely find out more about her on her MySpace page than here on page three. The 23-year-old Moon hails from the Raleigh area though she’s been in Greensboro for almost a year. Here are some vague details you should know about her: She’s tall, about 5-10 and that’s without her clunky black sneakers with the 4-inch soles and decidedly KISS-like silver star on the side; she’s a manager at Spencer’s gift shop in the mall; she works during her favorite holiday at the Woods of Terror haunted attraction – that’s where she’ll be on Oct. 31; and she has an extra bedroom in her apartment. “I’m looking for a roommate,” she says, “but not someone scary.”