Munchiez Not Just Another Tate Street Sub Shop

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2016)

by Ian McDowell

Taimoor Chaudhry, the 26-year-old owner of Munchiez Wingz & Grill at 413 Tate Street in Greensboro, says his restaurant is not a sub shop, something the UNCG strip already has in abundance. Although he’s proud of his hot sandwiches, he’s taking the word “subs” off his sign, to which he wishes he could add “Mediterranean.”

“That’s too long; I needed something short and memorable for branding. But we’re definitely a Mediterranean style grill,” Chaudhry said. “But also with cheese steaks, wings and really good Alfredo at a really low price.”

Chaudhry first opened in this location a year ago as Café Mirchi, which added Pakistani cuisine to what had been a series of Indian restaurants. “We’re changing to bring in more revenue and make it more college friendly. An Indian-Pakistani restaurant is still my dream, but this wasn’t the right location. I bought it knowing it had had been an Indian restaurant for 30 years and I thought it was going to be great. But it was run down, and we spent a lot of money renovating, and some people were biased about the word “Pakistani” on the door, and were unhappy that we didn’t serve alcohol. So we took a break for one month to sit back and see what we could do to be college-friendly and still not sell alcohol, which is forbidden by our religion. College students are the backbone of business here, and they want everyday food. Café Mirchi is on the back burner until we find a really good spot for it, but for this street and this time, we decided that Munchiez was the way to go.”

He stresses again that he’s not in competition with the four Tate Street restaurants that specialize in or sell cold cut sandwiches. “But we do have hot subs of a type that’s not been tasted in this town before. It’s the hand-made quality, the cleanliness, the ingredients, the quality of the meats, all of these things separate us from being a sub shop. And our real specialty is the Alfredo that you can’t get for $10 at Olive Garden or Carrabas, or our chicken, steak and tilapia over rice. Even our gyros are different from those elsewhere. A lot of people do lamb gyros, but we do steak gyros and a chicken one. We’re not in competition with anybody, we’re just bringing a new taste to the kids that they can appreciate on a daily basis, and shouldn’t be afraid of.”

He readily acknowledges that he couldn’t do it alone. “With the help and support of my uncle and my cousins, we made this transition from Indian- Pakistani cuisine to Munchiez Wingz and Grill. These were my uncle’s recipes that he’d used in delis and restaurants in New Jersey and Michigan for many years. With his help, we perfected this menu. Nothing we have is pre-cooked or premade. It’s all internal ingredients that give you a special taste, particularly for the price. The quality and quantity of the chicken or other meat you’re getting in our Alfredo, you wouldn’t find it anywhere else for under $10. It’s one of my uncle’s most popular recipes, with everything freshly made by hand, and our homemade Alfredo sauce. It’s what separates us from a sub shop or a wings shop. We’re pushing our Mediterranean style chicken steak and tilapia over rice because we want to surprise people with how good and (affordable) it is.”

He says the change will allow him to do more charity work. “This gives us more opportunities to partner with the community and give back to it. Once a month, we’ll have free meals for the homeless, something we couldn’t do before because they weren’t familiar with our food. And we’ll be doing a monthly charity with Heads Up Barbershop, where they give free haircuts and we cater. We’re not in competition with anybody, and we want to give back to Greensboro.” !


Munchiez Wingz & Grill is located at 413 Tate Street in Greensboro. Call (336) 379-0744 for more info.